Released on the 26/04/2024, 'Mine' by Remo and Emmet Glascott is a heartfelt song about the struggles of life and the comfort found in a deep connection with someone. The lyrics speak to the feeling of being lost and broken but finding solace in the presence of another person who understands and excepts you for who you are. The chorus repeats the desire to be with that person, despite the challenges and chaos of life. The song captures the raw emotions of vulnerability, love and acceptance, making it a powerful and moving track that resonates with listners..

Soothing melody, stunning natural landscapes, stunningly attractive women - making it impossible to look away. Like a mini vacation for your senses. No need to book a flight or spend a fortune — just hit play, sit back, and let the good vibes wash over you.



Emmet’s song ‘100 Times with vocalist Molly Morgan has been released Friday 14th of January 2022.

Molly Morgan is a singer and songwriter from the UK who has recently charted number 7 in the ITunes dance charts with her latest feature on BTAY's Get Together. Molly has had promotion from huge names including MK and Nathan Dawe and is continuing to grow. Molly has graduated university with a 2:1 in professional musicianship specialising in vocals.

‘100 Times’ has been signed to UK based label Deevu Records. Featuring vocals from Molly. Irish producer Ste Mac has remixed this song.  ‘100 Times’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

THE WAR! Release Notification


The long awaited single 'The War' feat., Irish band, Stolen City, will be released November 5th 2020. 

The single was written back in March 2020. Emmet wrote this alongside OMZ who has songs are signed to notable labels and has worked under the likes of Swedish House Mafia.

Stolen City are fresh from an appeaance and performance on RTE's 'The Late Late Show' with Ryan Tubridy. They performed their single 'Coming Home'. 

The War holds vocals from the lead singer Sean McGrath. Sean was also invited on stage by singer Lewis Capaldi at his Dublin show in the Olympia in November 2019. Emmet is a huge fan of their single 'The Tower' which peaked at number one on the Irish iTunes charts and got RTE's song of the week on radio. Emmet then reached out for a collaboration which became 'The War'. 

'The War' has been used in a documentary called 'Suicide & Me' by Dylan McKee. Dylan had a failed suicide attempt and this documentary documents the story of that night and how his friends and family felt.  It has already been premiered by Belfast's 'Grand Cinema'. The documentary is creating awarness for suicide prevention. 


Emmet Glascott - The War (feat. Stolen City) Promo Video from Emmet Glascott on Vimeo.

Young Forever


Emmet Glascott has remixed rapper Craig Cooney’s single ‘Young Forever’ on all streaming platforms. The original song was released on the 17th July 2020. Recorded in Windmill Lane Studios by engineer and producer Cormac Kavanagh,

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There are many personal qualities
essential to what I do, here are some…


Once you find your passion, it changes everything. I'm so pasionate about my music. Passion is imperative in this business!


I critique my music more thoroughly than anyone else could.


What people don't see is the hard work that goes in to making a song. All people get to know about is what's in those three minutes of the song.


I want to create memories for people. I want to create anthems for big moments in their lives.